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Healthy coats and waggy tails? You're in the right place.

"Fantastic service and a friendly guy I will not use anyone else, his rates are brilliant and he even waited to take me home thank you so much you really need ten stars." - Tracy Gill (Bolton)

Who's a good dog? All of them!

Here at Your Pets Pals, we're strong believers that dogs need positive reinforcement paired with a high quality pet food to thrive. Fortunately, we specialise in both.
Our premium grain-free dog food contains a blend of high quality ingredients with specially selected vitamins and minerals to ensure your dog gets the very best.

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All About Cat Food

Grain-Free? It's the cat's Pyjamas

Did you know? Cats are carnivores, and a grain-free diet most closely resembles their body's natural food needs. Our premium cat food contains quality ingredients, a delicious blend of quality ingredients, for your furry friend.

Helps you to keep your cats healthy and in a happy, care free mood.

The very best for your furry friend

Explore delicious and nutritious range of natural treats and grain- free food and treats for dogs, cats, and small pets. 

Good nutrition equals happy tummies, healthy coats, and better quality playtime. When you care about what goes into their tum, they'll reward you with what comes out of their bum.

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"The online shop is amazing, soooo much choice and good quality products! Customer service is exceptional, I highly recommend!" - Becca & Spaniels (Gloucester)

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Don't take our word for it - let their tails do the talking

"A reliable and dedicated business - Your Pets Pals are truly a professional service who will care and support the on-going development for your dog." - Jonathan Minshull (Bolton)

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