dog grooming bolton

Dog Grooming Bolton

Get your furry friend pampered with a full groom session at "The Pet Parlour" in Your Pets Pals doggy daycare based in the heart of Bolton we are just 5 mins from the train station. Our expert groomers will make sure your pet looks and feels their best. Session length varies, cost is on our price list. Because even pets deserve some TLC! So if you are looking for dog grooming in Bolton get in touch today.

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Doggy Day Care Bolton

Step into the enchanting world of Your Pets Pals - where your faithful companion finds not just a place to stay but a cherished sanctuary. 

We understand that your furry friend is more than a mere pet; they hold a profound place in your heart, an irreplaceable member of your family.  

Here, within our sprawling 4760 square feet Doggy Day Care nestled in the heart of the enchanting northwest, we've woven dreams into reality, making tails wag and hearts melt. 

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