Group Dog Walking Services in Bolton

With all the demands of life, it can be tough to fit daily walks with your furry friend into packed schedules. Thanks to our friendly and professionally trained dog walkers based in Bolton, we can be trusted to keep your pets safe and well looked after, while giving them an experience that’s fun, interesting, and full of adventure, plus the odd treat! Our smaller local dog-walking groups are designed to provide your dog with that extra attention he or she deserves.

We don’t just let anyone near your dog – All our dog walkers are experienced and professionally qualified, vetted and DBS checked dog handlers

Smaller Groups

With 4 dogs per walker, our service is safer. Plus, your dog gets more individual attention.

Personalised, Local Service

We’ll take into account your dog’s unique personality, training needs, and medical requirements.

The Benefits of Group Dog Walking

Our Group Walks in Bolton are a great way for dogs to interact socially with walkers and other dogs. It naturally instills good behaviour and provides the best quality exercise. We allow dogs to mix with each other in a safe environment that’s mentally stimulating, as the dogs learn from one another. We’ve found that seeing other animals modelling sensible behaviour is likely to influence your dog’s actions for the better.


Experiencing new sights while with our dog walkers, sounds and smells is crucial in developing a dog’s ability to handle new situations. It desensitises them to noise and distraction and helps them stay calm in crowded streets, or with other dogs.

About our Dog Walkers

Currently there are no regulations to become a dog walker, so technically, anyone could be allowed to walk your dog. We’ve decided to go the extra mile and required all our dog walkers to complete extra training, for your peace of mind. This way, we can ensure the complete safety of the pets in our care and give you the reassurance you need that your pets are in the safest of hands.  


Walks take place in some of Bolton’s most stunning parks and nature reserves, with plenty of places to sniff, explore and run. We only use high value treats during our walks (the same as what we sell find them here) so our customers can rest assured that their doggos are not being fed rubbish when in our care.

Our Professional Qualifications and Memberships

  • We are a member of the Professional Dog Walker’s Association. Although this not an official regulating association, they do have certain requirements to comply with, such as walking a maximum of 4 dogs per person.

  • DBS Checked

  • First Aid trained

  • Insured

  • Level 2 Technical Competence in Dog Walking​

  • Level 3 Canine Care and Behaviour

Group Dog Walk Prices

1-3 walks per week £14 per walk

3-4 walks per week £12 per walk

£4 Discount per additional dog 1-3 WPW

£6 Discount per additional dog 4-5 WPW

Our service is limited to the Bolton area only, so please get in touch to see if we cover your local area.

Dog Walking - Group

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