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Home Visits | Pet Sitting

Home Visits Services

Home visits are ideal for those times when you're going on holiday, and don't want to leave your cat at a cattery, we can call in everyday to do various jobs, like clean litter out, change water, feed and play/pet for a little while(minimum once per day).


This service is great with a new puppy, who ideally should be left alone  no longer than 2 hours (maximum 4 hours).

During which we will take your puppy out  to toilet, mini dog walker session if needed, feed if required and have playtime and of course lots of cuddles.

Additional services such a training can be tailored to your pups requirements and build their confidence to join group walks once they’re old enough.

Home Visit Prices

5 x 20 min visits per week £15 per visit

5+ visits per week £14 per visit 

there maybe a mileage charge added depending on where you live, so please use prices as a guide or contact for further info

Home Visits | Bolton
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