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100% Money Back Guarantee

To apply for the Your Pets Pals 100% Money Back Guarantee you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Enter your details in the fields below, read the terms and conditions and press submit.

Step 2:
Within 5 days you will receive a validation email confirming receipt of your refund request. Please take note of your reference number, you will need this.

Step 3:
To make your payment as swiftly as possible you will need to do the following –

1. Send your name, address and a 15+ word statement stating why you did not like the product to the email address below
2. Scan/forward a valid, itemised and original invoice to the email below 
3. Along with these details please also supply the reference number from your on-line application (you should have received this via email).

Send to - Kevin Riley at
Without all of these items refunds cannot be made. 

Step 4:
Once we receive these items and your online application we will process your payment via BACS transfer within 28 working days.

Refund Application

Please allow up to 5 working days to hear back.

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