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Pet Transport | Taxi

Pet Transport Service

We understand not all pet owners drive and can sometimes struggle with such situations as getting their pet to the vets or groomers.

Helping pet owners who do not drive, get to vet visits, grooming appointments, house moves etc. We have custom built, DEFRA approved, secure crates fitted to our air conditioned van.

Each each comes with its own memory foam luxury travel mat (Ivy and Duke - custom made). We can also accommodate larger breeds such as Newfoundlands and Great Danes.

Even if you don't need a dog walker, we will happily collect and drop off your pet for their appointments.

Pet Transport Prices

Per 60 mins locally £30

Minimum charge is £15 for local trips in bolton

Transport is a maximum of 8 hours in the UK traveling from start location to finish we have the license required for these journeys, and there might be an additional charge depending on where the start location is too, so please use prices as a guide only, contact for further info.  We can only transport your pets at the moment.

Pet Transport Service | Bolton
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