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Bigger times lie ahead… for small breed dogs

By Kevin Riley

Running cute toy dog
Cute Toy Breed Dog

For several years, the popularity of small breed dogs has been on the increase. Many people are choosing to purchase these types of dogs as they fit into ‘modern lifestyles’. Factors such as greater urbanisation and people living in smaller rented properties such as apartments are key reasons for the escalating numbers of small breeds. In addition, small dogs are more portable and, in some cases, can be trained to be completely indoor animals, with litter or puppy pads ensuring they don’t need to go downstairs for the toilet in the case of high floor apartments.

The Small Breed Trend

Recent research revealed that 51% of dogs now weigh less than 10 kilograms in the UK. In addition, the UK small breed dog ownership is projected to be 59% of the total dog population in 2022. Globally it is projected that there will be a growth of 25% in the population of small breed dogs between 2018 and 2023.

With the popularity of small breed dogs increasing, the requirements for dedicated small breed dog recipes are on the rise. Small breed dogs have much higher energy requirements per kilogram of body weight. Therefore they need food with a higher calorie content that is nutrient-dense. The pet food industry has accommodated these needs with the increase of small breed formulations. While, pet owners are also willing to pay more per kilogram for their pets food, which has resulted in dog food sales continuing to rise.

Here at Your Pets Pals, a new Grain Free Small Breed recipe is here! This recipe has been formulated using our unique state of the art technology that provides superior quality and added nutritional goodness for small breed dogs, plus several other fantastic benefits.

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