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How does small breed dog food differ from regular dog food?

By Kevin Riley

Not all breeds of dogs are the same; this is why different sizes of dogs have different diets. Pet owners must understand the key differences when choosing the best food for their fur babies. This article focuses on how small breed dog food differs from regular dog food. As well as the different requirements of a small breed dog.

There are several differences between small breed dog food and regular dog food. First, diets formulated for small breeds have higher energy content and are packed with many nutrients compared with diets designed for medium and large breeds. This is because small breeds have a faster metabolic rate, linked to them having a greater ratio of body surface area to body weight.

Kibble Size

Dog Kibble
Kibble Size

The kibble size for smaller dogs is generally smaller than regular dog food. This is because they have smaller mouths and jaws and are easier for their gastrointestinal systems to digest. On the other hand, medium and large dogs usually have larger kibble because their jaws can handle the size of the food.

High-Calorie Content

Small breeds need more calories because they have fast metabolisms and higher energy levels. This means that they have much higher energy requirements per kilogram of body weight, and therefore they need food with higher calorie content. From the puppy stage to when they reach senior years, smaller dogs require food designed to have the right amount of calories for their active lives. This doesn’t mean that they require more food; the feeding guide on the back of the packaging provides the correct amount of food for a dogs bodyweight. In comparison, larger dogs eat more, but the food is not as nutritionally dense.

Here at Your Pets Pals Ltd, your new Grain Free Small Breed Duck with Sweet Potato and Orange recipe has been formulated with the needs of small breed dogs a priority. The size and shape of the kibble is an optimal size for small breed dogs and a crunchy kibble texture. Compared to the adult version of this recipe, the small breed recipe contains more metabolisable energy (Calories) per 100g to ensure that small dogs are provided with adequate energy levels. In addition, the recipe contains 52% Total Duck, in which there is a minimum of 26% Freshly Prepared Duck. This is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, whilst also being a delicious source of protein for dogs. The Superfoods range contains 65% meat content giving your small breed dog the correct levels of protein for energy and strength on its walks there are also other fantastic Grain Free small breed recipes.

Check them all out here.

If you have any questions about how much it may cost you per day etc just drop us an email and we will help the best we can.

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