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Our Grand Opening!

On Saturday, we officially opened our doors to the public as Your Pets Pals is now OPEN! We had an amazing day with lots of new dogs registering with us and puppacinos going like there is no tomorrow.

We had a fantastic turn out and we could not be more grateful for the support and custom. A huge thank you to everyone involved and helped us really kick off our journey as a doggie daycare. We have lots of new dogs joining with us very shortly and we cannot wait to see you all there!

From dog grooming to dog walking, we have it all. Our team of staff have all been fully trained and are qualified to take care of your pup in any way we can. We have a dog walking service to ensure that your furry friend has a good amount of exercise when they are in our care and after their exercise they can relax and take a nap in our designated cosy area.

Here at Your Pets Pals, we are passionate and caring about the welfare of pets and ensuring that they are calm and looked after. We are committed to ensuring that your dog is stress-free during their stay with us.

We believe that we are the best in the business, from our brilliant team all the way to our services.

As well as the doggie day care, we also have a shop! This shop is full of premium dog food products for all ages. We have a variety of flavours so even the fussiest of dogs will be in for a treat. Not only is the dog food tasty it is also healthy and is made from a special blend of pure meat and tummy-friendly vegetables. The food is also grain-free and has been gently baked. As well as dog food, we also sell grain-free cat food and food for smaller pets!

If you take a look across our website, we have an array of positive feedback from our current and previous clients that have hired us for the different services we offer.

For more information about our doggie daycare, dog food, or any other service that we offer here at Your Pets Pals, visit our website, or call us today!

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