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Top 10 things needed for a puppy

#1 Love and Grooming

Girl hugging a dog

Yes it may sound cheesy but when you love your puppy they will love you back creating an unbreakable bond and understanding, this helps massively with training along with tasty treats usually too.

Grooming really helps to create a bond with your dog too, it also helps with spotting any issues with their skin, along with checking for stuck seeds, ticks and mites, there are plenty of grooming products available online.

#2 Chews

Some may say this is number one but if you keep number one where it is everything else is easier.

Olive branch chew

Chew toys are needed for puppies for many reasons, teething, relieve pain that might be caused by incoming teeth, it's nature's way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration. Shop for natural chews online.

#3 Tasty Treats

Your Pets Pals Grain free treats

Good quality grain free, high protein treats to reinforce your positive training program can gain results fast when used correctly, if you need to improve your training skills with your pooch, then why not book in with the Dogs Trust at a local venue, it also supports a great charity too.

#4 Good Quality Food

Whether you choose to feed your dog or cat raw, cold pressed, kibble, baked or fresh food, you should make sure that is a complete balanced food, which should contain but not limited to meat, bone, offal, fruit, berries, vegetables.

Your Pets Pals Grain free dog food

Now I don’t know about your dog but if I put broccoli on top of chunks of meat he just moves the greens out the way to one side and eats the meat, so what we do is feed a good quality grain free kibble, this already has fruit and veg mixed in with it along with supplements, comes with a nutritional rating of around 90% when the ingredients are put on to a dog food checker called All About Dog Food, we then back this up with some high quality raw meat from the butchers occasionally, along with the odd bit of cooked meat, raw egg with apple cider vinegar and water in (loves this I sometimes put a bit of fresh parsley in with it too) and he is one happy pooch, we also give him bones and chews to help keep his teeth clean.

So with some experts claiming that their mood comes from their gut lets look after it because after all they aren’t with us very long in the grand scheme of things.

#5 Enrichment

When we say enrichment for your dog, what do we mean? We mean to make your pooches life fuller and of higher value and improving their mood, we can do this by giving their brain something to do it could be seen as similar to us reading a book or doing a quiz. The most durable enrichment item which should be at the top of your list should be a KONG as they have lots of uses, one use for them are you can stuff treats inside and let them figure out how to remove them, while giving it a good chew too.

We then have Lickimats’ these are brilliant, if you feed them wet or raw food you can spread it over the mat and when they get down to the mat they will probably lick it this alone is said to relieve stress, you can also get some liver paste to spread over the mat and they go crazy for this stuff check it out google.


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#6 Crate Training and beds

Dog in a bed

Crate training can help active dogs switch off once they get to love their crate, it also teaches them what to do in certain situations and they don’t have to worry (bark), also with active dog puppies they still need to sleep most of everyday to develop their brains and grow too, this is also when I believe they learn from the days mistakes through dreams, beds can also be used as a similar use to crates (if they will stay on it) as they can learn this is also their safe place where they go to switch off.

#7 Leads and Harnesses

This process is easier once you have them walking to heel off lead, also have their recall nailed down too, as on lead walking can be an extension of recall, so when your

dog lead

puppy as ready to walk on a lead you need to choose the correct type and size for your dog, it usually goes off their weight for the lead and they’re chest size for harnesses (measure round their chest at the largest part).

#8 Bag for all the bits and bobs on a walk

Seams a bit simple to suggest a bag but its so much easier than routing round in 12-15 billion pockets for the poop bags that you could swear you put back!! Anyway I digress, they’re great for carrying all sorts from poop bags, treats, spare lead, toys your phone etc, we were approached by Shreddies Pants to try out their new Odour Eliminating

Shreddies Odour Eliminating bag

Bag and we love it!! If you’re not near a bin to drop your full poop bag in, just pop it back in the bag and it will keep the smells in there with it, check them out here.

#9 Feeding and Watering

You have a few options when it comes to this subject and you may have to experiment, also some people believe that they should be fed from bowls on stands so the dog doesn’t have to bend over as much when feeding or drinking, we have a few bowl options available in our shop, we also have feeding mats available which are great for camping they are easy clean. But you have a few different types of bowl to choose from, metal, ceramic, plastic and now bamboo bowls which are 100% natural.

dog bowls

#10 Toys

dog toy

When it comes to toys you will find they more than likely have a favourite one, what can happen though is they become immune to the toy If they are left with it all the time, so for the toy to have the ultimate impact they need to be removed from the dog when they have finished with them or walked away from them until another day when they should be excited to see it again.


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