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We then got all professional...

With peoples dogs meaning the world to their owners, its gone of the days of kicking your dog out on the streets while you're at work and it coming home for tea, and in with the dogs being the most important thing in the home or one of the most important.

So when it comes to caring for someone else's world it is so important that they are cared for in a safe loving environment, all the possible procedures followed and join the appropriate organisations to get recognition for the hard work that goes in to building a pet care and products company, so to start with you need the proper kit!!! so we opted for a new van with air con (this takes the pressure off with the rising costs of fuel and taxes) the air con is for the multiple "worlds" that would be in the van each day.

Then we decided that their safety was number 1 to us so we invested in DEFRA approved cages for the back of the van these are from Lintran they are based over in Lincolnshire, while in the process of collecting the cages we also decided that we should upgrade the cages to have cooling fans as the air con might not be strong enough, which it turns out to be more than capable but the fans really do help to keep the dogs cool in summer, I can see us being there a lot over the coming years for our future vans.

You also need training on how to care for the animals in your care and help them in the

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event of an accident, which is where we teamed up with Hopwood Hall College in Middleton they offer some of the country's best courses with some top class training methods on real animals too!! So I went along there for evening classes to see what it is all about and to test it out for other staff members too.

Then you need to show off your skills and qualifications on well known pet care websites enter the Professional Dog Businesses UK this company check that the dog

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walking company are genuine with insurance and qualifications, this is where ever you are in the UK so check with them for your area.

Then to add to all this we were hearing some real bad reviews and stories of dog and cat food being recalled for some poor standards really when there isn't any excuse really as it is so easy to have good quality nowadays, so we set out to develop our own food here in the northwest of England, so working closely with our manufacturers we came up with three different ranges of food for dogs and cats, depending on how the animal is, we recommend to start with the naturals range on a meat that you know your pet loves and isn't allergic to and when they have settled on that to then move them onto the Grain free range, then again when they are settled on that start weaning them onto the superfoods or just stay on the grain free range, the difference is that there is a few more % meat and other superfood ingredients to help your dog or cat thrive. If your dog or cat is healthy with no issues you could go straight onto the superfoods range but I would wean them over a 2-3 week period to avoid upset tummy. So if you have any questions about the food contact us here or if you're ready to buy then check out our shop.

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