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Pet Care Services 
Price List

Here you will find the prices for all of our services to help us care for your furry loved ones. Please feel free to email any questions or drop us a WhatsApp message to 07551229626

Dog Walking 

Dog walking services are dependant on your area,

please get in touch to find out if we cover your area.

Additional dogs from same house is plus 50% 



1 Hour Group Walk £15 (Maximum 4 dogs)

2 Hour Group Walk £22 (Maximum 4 dogs)


1 Hour Solo Walk £22 

2 Hour Solo Walk £35

Doggy Daycare

Our doggy daycare centre is based at Unit 4 Clegg Street, Bolton, BL2 6BL.

We are easily accessible from the ring road round bolton, and the main road from Bury, we are 5 mins off the A666, we also offer local pickup and drop off services.

Additional dogs from the same household are plus 50% (full days only)

3 Hour Trial Day £10 Per Dog 

Full Day £25 

Half Day £15 


Pickup and drop off £5 per day 

Half hour group walk £5 per dog

1 hour group walk £8 per dog 

Home Visits

Our home visits can be used for a lot of different reasons, you might need us to just call in and turn the lights on and back off evening and morning, you might need us to call in and feed and play with any sort of pet while you're away on holiday (not animals that need overnight care, that's pet sitting).

Same price regardless of number of pets.


First 30 min included, £15 per visit.

Additional 30 min each £10.

Pet Sitting

We come and stay with your pets in your home for the nights that you require, these slots book up quickly and are only available around Bury and Bolton at the moment.

Up to 4 dogs (extra dogs please enquire for price)

Each night is £40 including morning and evening walks for dogs


Half Day Day Care £15 (including transport to and from daycare)

Full Day Day Care £25 (including transport to and from daycare) 

*Subject to dog passing its trial in the daycare*

*Additional Dogs from the same household are plus 50%*


1 hour group walk £15

2 hour group walk £22 

*Subject to group walk compatibility*

1 hour solo walk £22

2 hour solo walk £35 

*up to 4 dogs from same house* 

Pet Transport

We have the UK transport license which allows us to transport pets up to 8 hours within the UK, this is from the pick up location, so this means we can do almost all journeys within England and south Scotland, if you require a quote please drop us a WhatsApp message 07551229626 or an email on 


Per 1 hour Transport £30 (Local to BL2 6BL)

Per 1 hour Transport £45 (rest of England) 

*we don't yet have the licence to transport humans just yet*

*local vet trips usually take 1 hour in total including transport so they work out at £30*

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