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When looking for a dog walking service for your pet pooch, what is the best thing to look out for and what sort of questions should you be asking of your dog walker. It’s important to get the right fit for both you and your dog so everyone is comfortable and feels happy with what is going on. Your dog is important to you, so they are very important to us. In this article, we’ll look at solo and group walks and which might be best for you when choosing your dog walking service and how Your Pets Pals can help if you’re in the Bolton area.


Solo walks


Solo dog walks are perfect for those dogs who don’t socialise well with other dogs, who may be nervous around people and need a little bit more love and attention. Solo dog walks can help nervous or reactive dogs to enjoy their walks and that’s what we aim for. We want all dogs to enjoy their walks an exercise time. Our walkers are trained in how to deal with many different types of dogs, and we hope to move solo dogs up to our group walks if possible. Using the techniques, we’ve been trained in, we can help your dog to not only get regular exercise but help you learn these techniques too for your own walks.


Group walks


We love group dog walks, and we think your dog will too! They are tailored so we match each dog up with dogs of similar temperament so we can ensure they are all happy together and no dog is taking over the pack. Group dog walks are great for those dogs who love socialising and need to be around other dogs, want to play and have a bit of fun on their walks. Again, we train our dog walkers to a high standard so they can look out for changes in behaviour and switch dogs around. All our group walks are a small group, so the walker and the dogs are not overwhelmed.


Tailored service


Our aim is to tailor our walks to your dog, we want them to be comfortable, feel safe and most importantly get the exercise they need and have some fun with it. This is why at Your Pets Pals dog walking service, we tailor the walker with the dogs, so everyone is safe and happy.

To discuss the requirements you have for our dog walking services in Bolton, please get in touch.

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