Why the right food is important for Diabetic kittens

Getting a new kitten is so exciting for the family, a cute little bundle of fluff that’s happy to play, jump and will curl up on you when it’s napping. Kittens are adorable and we think they can be the addition you didn’t know you needed for your family. However, it is a good idea to get them thoroughly checked when you pick them up to ensure they are healthy and happy. Diabetes in kittens can be picked up in these checks, so in this article we’ll go through why having the right kitten food will benefit your kitten if it does have diabetes.


Benefits of giving kittens proper kitten food


Controlled carbohydrate levels:


Using kitten food that is specific to the age of your cat will provide them the right carbohydrates they need and can help to improve blood sugar regulation. Having a low-carb diet is standard for cats who only need around 10-15% of their diet to be carbs, and this should be even lower for those with diabetes. Using kitten food will give them a lower amount of carbs that matches their needs.


Higher protein content


Using kitten food that has a higher protein content is going to benefit kittens with diabetes as it will help stabilise glucose and have a minimal impact on blood sugar. Having kitten food that is a good mix of animal and plant protein, that are both high-quality, will give your kitten the right amino acids and keep them as healthy as possible.


Essential nutrients for growth


To help them grow, kittens need certain nutrients in a certain amount. Having food designed specifically for kittens will provide them everything they need and set them up to grow into an adult cat. Kitten food is packed with more nutrients than adult cat food, which is why it’s so important to give kittens the right food for them, especially if they have diabetes.


Weight management


if you have a kitten who has diabetes, then being able to control their weight with their food is going to be beneficial to them in the long-run. Using the right portions for kittens is important so having pouch food or pre-portioned food available will help you with managing the kitten’s weight. Use play and physical activity as an additional tool to keep their weight at a healthy level.


At Your Pets Pals, we work with you to ensure that your kitten is getting everything that it needs in its diet to keep the diabetes under control. Check out our range of cat food or contact us if you need more advice.

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